Freind is a series of paintings and photos, a study of friendship, time, projection, and participation. Years ago, upon the conception of the first painting, I was assembling a word from paint scraps in a dimly lit garage. It was only after the glued pieces had dried on the page that I realized my mistake. “FREIND,” it read, oops. But it was still friendly, and perhaps an even better spelled that way. 

11 paintings playfully realized through emotional interpretations of color, texture, form. 
11 instances of participation, bringing validation to instinct, if only for a moment. 
Abstracted figures become figures abstracted. 
A word misspelled remains recognizable. 

Freind is documentation. Freind was harder to work on at times. In some moments Freind was spontaneous. In others Freind had to be planned, postponed, rethought. The participants in Freind have all been close to my heart, from childhood, my brother, and lovers, close friends, far friends, my friends.