Comfort objects are items used to provide psychological comfort in unique or stressful situations. They can serve as a reminder of home, loved ones, and good times. Their presence support us from childhood and even animals are known to have emotional relationships with objects. Nesting, the preparation of one’s home to support one’s self or family, is another instinctual behavior not exclusive to humans or gender, and often involves the collecting and arranging of material that provide protection and comfort. One may amass a collection as an investment, to fill an emotional void, horde as a learned survival instinct, or to present and reinforce an idea of themselves to the world.

In this series I am not separating my aspirations for comfort and success in my personal life from my practice. Just as I am focused on building a loving and supportive home for myself I am focused on building loving and supportive paintings from myself. Some of these comfort objects are portraits of actual things I keep in my home that bring me joy. Others are from the beloved collections of other people and some are even imaginary but coveted collections. The material and shape of each painting strives to communicate their presence and familiarity. Their fabrication often indicates the function of the objects they represent.